Lamont, Hanley & Associates, Inc., -Premium Collection Services


Lamont, Hanley & Associates, Inc., is a national company specializing in accounts receivables management solutions. We are part of a family of business service companies whose collection background dates back to 1953. Our company was the first in the industry established, owned and operated by certified collectors, and we continue to carry this distinction.

All of the collectors handling your accounts are certified by the American Collectors Association or the International Association of Commercial Collectors. Fewer than 2% of the collectors in the United States have this distinction. We insist on the best trained individuals within our industry. Files entrusted to our collectors are handled with a level of service and expertise that meets the exceptional standard set by our company and expected by our clients.

At its inception, Lamont, Hanley & Associates, Inc., redefined the collection industry, with our customer service approach. Our methodology incorporates sales techniques with financial guidance to provide your customers with a program that results in clearing their balance in a non-confrontational, business-like manner. This process results in a high liquidation and maintains a professional image for our company and our clients. We combine this with our collectors’ abilities to resolve disputes and expedite files, making us unique in the collection industry.